Offbeat Donut Recipes

Offbeat Donut Recipes from Moonlit13 |

Do you find yourself trekking through your local city looking for the best donut shop around? Here in Atlanta, Georgia, that might mean you end up at Bon Glaze (because oh my god, yes!), but sometimes you just need to whip up something weird and delicious at home. Maybe something along the lines of bacon and caramel or peanut butter and pear?

Leave a comment with your favorite, and let’s see how daring you are.

Maple and Bacon Donuts

Chocolate Donuts with Salted Caramel Glaze

Blueberry Basil Donuts

Bourbon, Bacon, and Maple Red Velvet Donuts

Chocolate Coffee Banana Donuts

Mac ‘n’ Cheese Donuts

Galaxy Donuts

… because what list of donut recipes is complete without these amazing creations.

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