May Donation to 826 National

826 National Monthly Donation Feature by Moonlit13 Clothing Co. |

826 National Monthly Donation Feature by Moonlit13 Clothing Co. |

Each month Moonlit13 Clothing Co. donates a portion of all profits to 826 National, an organization working across the United States of America to provide under-resourced students, ages 6-18, the opportunities to explore their creativity and writing skills. 826 National supports local chapters in cities like Los Angeles and Boston in their mission to get kids excited about writing.

We’re so proud to be doing our part to help this amazing organization impact kids’ lives, and today we were able to send our very first donation to 826 National! 

826 National- May Donation by Moonlit13 Clothing Co.

Thank you so much for purchasing from our husband + wife run small business and allowing us to help support organizations that are making an impact in our communities every day! We are so excited to see what June brings our way and how much we can donate to 826 next.

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