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Our First 2 Weeks in Business & What We Did to Grow So Quickly | Moonlit13.com

Our First 2 Weeks in Business & What We Did to Grow So Quickly | Moonlit13.com

What a ride. It’s been just 2 weeks since Moonlit13 Clothing Co. opened our “doors,” and this perfectly describes how we feel right now: ? It’s been a whirlwind of activity, excitement, and, “Is this really happening right now?!”

“My wife and I wanted to strike the main vein of awesome, and it rocks to see others loving what we’re doing.”


In just 14 days, we’ve launched over a hundred new products, watched this post reach literally thousands of people on Facebook, grown our Instagram following to an active 6,000+ followers, and hit our first month’s sales goal in just a few days.

“We came into this with a very defined plan of attack, and we knew from the start exactly what we wanted to accomplish. Still, the amount of support and success we’ve had in such a short period of time is something I didn’t think was possible.”


It’s amazing and scary all at the same time, and we’re still adjusting to the growth. Despite all the chaos and craziness, we’re super excited to say that our shipping times have been just 2 days on average AND that we have a fairly sizable donation headed to 826 National at the end of this week.

If you didn’t already know, we donate 5% of all our proceeds to 826 National, an organization with chapters across the U.S.A. that provides resources to children to foster creativity and writing skills. As two creative souls with a deep appreciation for writing and the arts, 826 holds a special place in our hearts.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve done a lot of moving and shaking behind the scenes, and we’d love to share a bit about how it all happened and just what we did to hit the ground running.

Pre-launch Promotion

Our friends and family were absolutely amazing when we decided to announce our plan to launch Moonlit13 Clothing Co. They totally rallied around us with support, helping to share and spread the word in those first few days before the site went live. With their help, we had a small little audience of people to actually announce our grand opening to which really gave us a good jumping off point.

Tons of Testing

We lost count of how many times we went over links throughout our website and on social media making sure that everything worked correctly, purchases could go through without a hitch, and it all just made sense. We also tested our website on every mobile device we currently own to make sure we had the best loading speeds and compatibility we could possibly get.

Network, Network, Network

One of the first things we did for growth specifically was hit up Instagram, a platform we knew would allow for some fantastic networking opportunities, to find influencers whose audience might also like our company. We also looked for other small boutiques and online shops with products that would complement our offerings without directly competing with them. These are the people we started following and engaging with.

Re-invest Everything

We have been very lucky to have made quite a few sales in our first two weeks open, but we’ve strategically re-invested every bit of it right back into Moonlit13. Mostly, our profits have gone toward providing a few influencers with products in exchange for social media promotion, but we’ve also re-invested in giveaway sponsorships on and off Instagram to help us grow our audience quickly and create brand awareness.

Email Marketing From the Start

Despite the rise of social media, email marketing still vastly outperforms social media marketing in both engagement and revenue generation. We wanted to build a community through social media and build our customer base through email, so we set up a Mailing List right away. Within that List, we also added Groups that subscribers could add or remove themselves from to customize what they wanted to receive– things like new products, sales, giveaways, and blog posts.

Next, we set up an automatic email that would immediately send a welcome message (and discount code) to subscribers who signed up to Get Lit with us through a form like this one. We didn’t want to just throw sales emails at people. That’s icky. Instead, we wanted to connect with people and to give them things they actually wanted to see in their inbox, so that’s just what we’re doing.

We’re not sure where exactly Moonlit13 will take us or how crazy amazing the ride is going to continue to get, so we’re just taking it one day at a time, working hard doing something we love so much, and being grateful for every second of time we’re able to embrace this. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible so far!

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