Dad in the Waiting Room, I Saw You

Dad in the Waiting Room, I Saw You - Moonlit13 Clothing Co. Blog

Dad in the Waiting Room, I Saw You - Moonlit13 Clothing Co. Blog

Dear Dad Who’s Got It Down,

I saw you.

As I sat there in the waiting room, uncomfortably pregnant in a too-small chair and waiting the hour for my glucose blood draw, I had a fair amount of time to watch you with your kids. 4 of them, all under the age of 7, danced around you happily chattering away. They picked up and flipped through countless magazines, showing you all the pictures they found interesting, and they quietly read from a few children’s books you’d brought from home.

I was amazed at their behavior, of course. What mom doesn’t marvel when 4 young children can be entertained in a distinctly un-kid friendly waiting room?! But more than that, I was amazed at your interactions with them. You were calm and joyful, answering questions that ranged from, “Why is she wearing that?” to “Who was the youngest president?”

I was amazed at just how much you obviously cherish your children. It was apparent in every little touch, every smile, every joke cracked out of the corner of your mouth. So, waiting room Dad, I just wanted you to know that I saw you.

I saw you, and I’m thankful for you and every Dad like you.

Dear Dad Who’s Brand New at This,

I saw you.

The minutes were ticking by so slowly, and I was fighting to keep my figurative cookies down when I saw you. Waiting in that doctor’s office chair, uncomfortable no matter what position I sat in and knowing all I had to look forward to was a lovely stick in the arm in exactly one hour, I saw you over in the corner, jostling a cranky baby in a stroller.

No more than 6 months old at most, today was obviously not starting out well for your daughter. Whether she was hungry, tired, or just wanted out of that stroller, you didn’t really seem to know. I watched from the corner of my eye as you rolled the stroller back and forth, talked to her in a soft, albeit slightly panicky voice, offered her a beloved toy, and more.

Nothing seemed to work, but you kept trying. Not once did you run to try to find your partner, presumably already back with the nurses and providing the basics like urine and her vitals. You handled that shit, even though it was obvious you barely knew what you were doing.

I was amazed at your perseverance, and it paid off. Finally, you were able to nail the solution and out of that stroller popped a happy, smiling baby girl. The relief was written all over your face… and so was the accomplishment. You did it, and I know you’ll keep doing it, because that’s what dads who hang in there do.

None of us know what we’re doing, and we all fumble a bit at first. That’s totally okay. Really, the feeling never completely goes away. So, waiting room Dad, I just wanted you to know that I saw you.

I saw you, and I’m thankful for you and every Dad like you.

12 thoughts on “Dad in the Waiting Room, I Saw You

  1. Rhonda miller says:

    Who wouldn’t cry reading this?? I love stories about dad’s..there are so few good stories around these days..

  2. Leah Siap says:

    I’m not crying ?
    What a lovely piece. My husband has been both dads you described and everything in between. He is such a great role model for our 3 boys. Thank you for giving appreciation to dads everywhere.

    • Kristen Christensen says:

      Just so sweet to know there are a few dad’s out there like this now days I don’t get to see many of them the ones I see need help. I happy to read about some awesome dads

  3. Betty Mackey says:

    Beautiful stories. This morning at church a father and his son sat a few pews in front of us. The son proudly held his son in front of him in a baby pouch. At every standing time during church (Catholic church so there’s lots of up and down) this young man did the baby sway, gently back and forth in an unconscious rhythm. At Communion time, this young daddy went to his knees in front of the Priest to accept the Body of Christ. still with baby in the pouch. This moment brought me tears and shivers; I’m sure It brought smiles to our Father in Heaven.

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