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Brand Ambassador Search by Moonlit13 Clothing Co |

Brand Ambassador Search from Moonlit13 Clothing Co. | #brandrep #brandambassador

We’re doing it! Moonlit13 Clothing Co. is looking for Brand Ambassadors to enjoy exclusive discounts and more in exchange for authentic photos we can utilize and rave reviews about your new digs!

The Perks

  • 40% discount every day!
  • First look at new products
  • Exclusive access to sales events
  • Social media shoutouts
  • Giveaway partnerships

The best part is that we’re not looking for perfection! We want to authentically connect and expand our audience, so we want the raw and the real. We’re looking for Brand Ambassadors with good quality photos and active engagement on social media.

If this sounds like something you’d love to get in on, visit our Brand Ambassador page for more details and to apply.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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